NIEP is the leading institution for seismology in Romania, responsible for the seismic, geophysical and geodetic monitoring of the territory. NIEP has a wide background in basic and applied researches in geophysics and atmospheric sciences, with focus on seismic source and seismotectonics, seismic hazard and risk assessment, engineering seismology and earthquake prediction.

Monitoring the seismicity on Romanian territory is one of the important objectives of NIEP, aimed mainly to detect and locate in the shortest time all seismic events (earthquakes, explosions) occurred. This information is quickly transmitted to inform the authorities, inspectorates for emergency situations, mass-media and the wide public. In case of strong earthquakes, an earthquake alert is issued for institutions with decision making roles.

The major directions of research are:
  • Seismic source physics
  • Seismicity and seismotectonics
  • Lithosphere structure
  • Seismic hazard
  • Engineering seismology
NIEP is actively participating to:
  • structuring the strategy in the Earth physics and related domains,
  • coordination of research activities at national level, particularly in Seismology and generally in Earth physics,
  • evaluation and approval of projects and human resources,
  • professional training and specialization,
  • consulting and expertise in Earth physics,
  • providing scientific and technological services to protect people and infrastructure from earthquakes
  • national representative in international organizations and boards.